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Temperature: (toggle all: )
Cold     Cool      Neutral      Warm      Hot     
Flavors: (toggle all: )
Toxic      Aromatic      Astringent      Sweet     
Bitter      Salty      Sour      Pungent     
Channels Entered: (toggle all: )
Stomach     Spleen     Lung     Large Intestine     Small Intestine     Heart    
Kidney     Urine Bladder     Liver     Gallbladder     Pericardium     San Jiao     Uterus    
Tonifies: (qualifier: ex:'tonifies qi AND blood')
Qi     Blood      Yin      Yang      Jing     
Special Healing Properties: (qualifier: ex: 'regulates Toxins AND Heat')
Relieves Bi     Circulates Qi     Circulates Blood     Disperses Cold     Disperses Heat    
Resolves Phlegm     Dries Dampness     Resolves Water Accumulation     Removes Toxins    
Disperses Wind     Expels Parasites     Stops Bleeding     Dryness     Spirit    
Food Stagnation     Swelling     Lactation     Summer Heat     Essence    
Clears Deficient Heat