Bai Hua She

Bai Hua She in TCM:

English Name: bungarus (snake skin)
Pharmaceutical Name: Bungarus Parvus
Properties: toxic, sweet, salty, warm
Explore the properties of Bai Hua She according to Chinese
Nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):

Temperature: warm
Channels: SP, LV
Flavors: toxic, sweet, salty
Regulates: clears damp, disperses wind, alleviates bi syndrome

    Alternate Forms:
  • She Tui (sloughed skin of snakes) - sweet, salty, neutral; LV; dispels wind, stops spasms and removes superficial visual obstructions; 1.5-3g raw or 0.3-0.6g as powder
  • Sheng: use topically - toxic

Actions / Indications:
  • Powerfully unblocks channels; dispels wind (chronic wind-damp bi with numbness and weakness of limbs, cramping of sinews; sequelae of stroke; syphillis, leprosy, tinea, numbness of skin, severe skin itching)
  • Extinguish wind; stops tremors (spasms, tremors, seizures, tetanus, childhood conversions)
  • (cc: yin def w/ heat)
  • (cc: blood def w/ heat)
  • toxic: do not exceed 10g raw (1.0 to 1.5g in powder form)

    Special Notes:
  • This toxic herb is Ideal for wind-bi and bi zheng (painful obstruction syndrome)
  • Bai Hua She is similar in its indications to Wu Shao She. Wu Shao She is weaker and is not toxic.