Huang Bai


Huang Bai in TCM:

Explore the properties of Huang Bai according to Chinese
Nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):


English Name: phellodendron bark, Chinese cork tree bark
Pharmacuetical Name: Cortex Phellodendri
Properties: bitter, cold

Temperature: cold

Channels: LI, UB, KD

Flavors: bitter

Special Properties:
clears heat, clears damp, clears deficent heat

Actions / Indications:
  • Clears Damp Heat (from Lower Jiao: diarrhea, jaundice; thick yellow vaginal discharge; dysuria; foul smelling diarrhea or dysenteric disorder; damp heat jaundic; damp-heat pouring downward, red, hot swollen knees, hot leg qi, edema of lower legs from damp-heat; gout in lower extremities)
  • Drain Fire, Relieves Toxicity (sores, carbuncles, furuncles, eczema, lesions, burns, fire toxin, used externally or topically)
  • Drains KD Fire (steaming bone disorder, KD yin deficiency with night sweats, nocturnal emissions, tidal fever, excessive sex drive, spermatorrhea

  • (cc: SP deficient cold)