Shen Qu


Shen Qu in TCM:

Explore the properties of Shen Qu according to Chinese
Nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):


English Name: Massa ferentata, medicated leaven
Pharmacuetical Name: Massa Ferentata
Properties: sweet, acrid, warm

Temperature: warm

Channels: ST, SP

Flavors: sweet, pungent

Special Properties:
resolves food stagnation

Actions / Indications:
  • Resolves Food Stagnation; Strengthens Stomach (food stagnation or accumulation from starchy foods: diarrhea, epigastric or abdominal fullness or distension, lack of appetite, poor digestions, borborygmus; also for use when there was excessive alcohol consumption)
  • Aids mineral digestion (added to pills and herbs with minerals. Aids digestion and absorption of the minerals)
  • (cc: caution for patients with gluten intolerance; celiac disease)

    Special Notes:
  • Shen Qu is best for digesting starches, while Mai Ya is best for digesting starch and fruits. Gu Ya is similar to Mai Ya but milder, while Shan Zha is better to help digest fats and meats.
  • Shen Qu is often added to formulas that contain hard to digest minerals like Ci Shi.