Shi Jue Ming


Shi Jue Ming in TCM:

Explore the properties of Shi Jue Ming according to Chinese
Nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):


English Name: haliotis, sea-ear shell, abalone shell
Pharmacuetical Name: Concha Haliotidis
Properties: salty, cold

Temperature: cold

Channels: LV

Flavors: salty

Special Properties:
resolves dryness

Alternate Forms:
  • Sheng - calming LV; clearing LV
  • Duan - absorbing acidity and eye drops

  • Actions / Indications:
    • Calms LV; Anchors Yang (dry mouth, irritability, insomnia, LV fire and LYR induced headache, dizziness, red eyes, seizure)
    • Clears LV; brightens eyes (red, swollen painful eyes, LV heat affecting eyes: photophobia, pterygium or other superficial obstructions; blurred vision)
    • Absorbs acidity; alleviates pain (acid reflux; GI ulcers; Stomach pain with sour taste in mouth, external use for chronic ulcers and bleeding)
    • (cc: SP/ST deficient cold)
    • (cook: crush and cook 20-30 minutes first)

      Special Notes:
    • The unprocessed form is stronger to anchor the yang and clear heat.