Xi Yang Shen


Xi Yang Shen in TCM:

Explore the properties of Xi Yang Shen according to Chinese
Nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):


English Name: American ginseng
Pharmacuetical Name: Radix Panacis Quinquefolium
Properties: sweet, bitter, cold


Channels: LU, HT, KD

Tonifies: qi

Special Properties:
circulates qi, resolves dryness

Actions / Indications:
  • Benefits the Qi and generates fluids (yin deficiency with heat signs; chronic unrelenting fever; sequelae of disease with symptoms of weakness; irritability and thirst)
  • Nourishes LU yin and clears LU fire (Lung yin deficiency with blazing fire: wheezing, coughing, blood-streaked sputum; loss of voice)
  • (cc: damp-cold of ST)
  • (cc: incompatible with Li Lu)
  • (cooking: often decocted separately in a double boiler)
  • (properties: cold)

    Special Notes:
  • Often decocted separately in a double boiler.
  • Both Xi Yang Shen and Ren Shen tonify qi and body fluids, but Xi Yang Shen is weaker to tonify qi and stronger to clear LU Yin deficient fire.