Yin Chen Hao


Yin Chen Hao in TCM:

Explore the properties of Yin Chen Hao according to Chinese
Nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):


English Name: artemesia scoparia, virgate wormwood
Pharmacuetical Name: Herba Artemisiae Scopariae
Properties: bitter, cool

Temperature: cool

Channels: ST, SP, LV, GB

Flavors: bitter

Special Properties:
clears heat, clears damp

Actions / Indications:
  • Clears damp-heat from LV and GB; relieves jaundice (also for damp-warm febrile diseases; representative herb for jaundice due to damp heat or damp cold; modern use for gallstones, cholecystitis of damp-heat type, even without jaundice)
  • Heals skin disorders (wind rashes, eczema, oozing sores, urticaria, damp skin lesions, ringworm: topical or internal use)

    Special Notes:
  • Although a similar pinyin herb exists called Ling Yin Chen it is not the same herb as Yin Chen Hao and the two should not be used interchangeably.