Chuan Lian Zi

Chuan Lian Zi in TCM:

English Name: melia, Sichuan chinaberry fruit
Pharmacuetical Name: Fructus Toosendan
Properties: slightly toxic, bitter, cold
Explore the properties of Chuan Lian Zi according to Chinese
Nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):

Temperature: cold
Channels: ST, SI, UB, LV
Flavors: toxic, bitter
Regulates: circulates qi, clears heat, clears damp, expels parasites

Actions / Indications:
  • Promotes Qi movement; alleviates pain (flank, rib or abdominal pain due to LV qi stagnation or LV and ST disharmony; breast distension especially PMS; hernial disorders; epigastric, abdominal, flank or hernial pain with damp-heat stagnant qi; burning sensation in epigastrium or ST; testicular pain - especially useful with heat signs)
  • Kills parasites; stops pain (expels roundworms and tapeworms; topical for tinea; relieves pain;)
  • (cc: caution in cases of cold from SP and ST deficiency)

    Special Notes:
  • The entire plant is toxic, with the fruit being the most toxic and the leaves being the least toxic. Consuming 6 to 8 fruits can cause dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory difficulty, palpitations, tremors, spasms, and even numbness and unconsciousness.
  • Chuan Lian Zi caused dyspnea in rats, which was reversible with nicotine administration.
  • Antitoxin vs. Botulism: possible benefits in a study on rats
  • Acute Mastitis: Success reported with a formula consisting of 9g chuan lian zi, 30g brown sugar, and 100 to 200 mL of brain based liquor or boiling water.