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   Black fungus (Wood ear) - Neutral, sweet. (Tonifies: Yin) (Special Healing Properties: Circulates Blood, Clears Heat) product detailsLU, ST, LV 
   Ceps (boletus) - Neutral, salty. (Special Healing Properties: Clears Heat) product detailsKD, LV 
   Field Mushroom (agaricus) - Cold, sweet. (Special Healing Properties: Resolves Phlegm) product detailsST, SP, LV 
   Oyster Mushroom - Warm, sweet. (Special Healing Properties: Dries Dampness) product detailsST, SP, LV 
   Puffball, giant - Neutral, pungent. (Special Healing Properties: Clears Heat) product detailsLU 
   Reishi Mushroom - Warm, sweet. (Tonifies: Qi, Blood) product detailsHT 
   Shiitake mushroom - Neutral, sweet. (Tonifies: Qi, Blood) (Special Healing Properties: Resolves Phlegm) product detailsST, SP, LV 
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Note: Quantity refers to potency, not portion size. In some cases this is very subjective. For instance, is 1 cup of rice the same as 1 cup of cinnamon?  But 1 teaspoon of cinammon is pretty potent compared to 1 cup of rice. So you might feel that 1 cup of rice is equally potent to 1 teaspoon of cinammon.  Therefore you would enter the potency of 1 for both of these items in your recipe. Just do your best, and play with this web site to get the recipe analysis results that you desire and agree with.

On the other hand, if you're building a Chinese herbal formula, then 1 gram of one herb is generally the same as one gram of another herb. The minimum portion size (quantity) accepted by this web site is always one. So to enter a half a gram, you would enter a potency of '1' for the half gram, and change the potency of 2 for one gram.